Surrender 2016 to Jesus!

Happy New Year!

Here at the beginning of 2016 I would very much like to share a piece from my online program that focuses specifically on SURRENDER with you.

“Breaking away from my idols was very difficult for me simply because Satan wouldn’t just let me take back my heart without a fight. What helped me tremendously was to take 40 days out of my life and commit it to God. During these 40 days, my main focus was to surrender  to God, because without Him I knew that I honestly couldn’t even do one day (I’ve tried this in my own strength countless times before without success). During this time the enemy’s number one strategy was to keep me from God’s presence, because he knew, probably better than I did, that in the presence of the Almighty God I would finally find healing and permanent change.

I  wanted to really see if it would make a difference to have my main motivation be: Surrender to God. I wanted to set aside a block of time to untangle my heart from the idol of food (the love affair) and surrender all of my heart to Jesus(James 4:7) and  at the same time get rid of the shame and guilt in my mind (“…resist the enemy and he will flee from you” James 4:7 NIV).

I never realized how my past efforts have been thwarted by the enemy. Each time I committed in the past, the enemy attacks would increase to stop me, and I would become discouraged and fall back; defeated and stripped from all faith that I would ever be free. This time I was ready and armed and I realized, maybe for the first time, that I didn’t have to fight so hard but rather get in behind my strong and powerful God and let Him fight for me.

I finally stretched out my hand to God and said; ” Please take it, I don’t want to love food anymore. I am ready. I’m giving you full control of my time and my mind.”

Don’t stay in denial. Don’t let the enemy trick you like he tricked me to keep looking for some other explanation of why you have a food struggle. I remember looking for answers in all the wrong places, always saying “There must be something I’ve missed. There must be some reason why I am like this. There must be some cure that I just didn’t hear of yet”. This went on for years. The truth: I really knew all along that my heart was held captive by food and that nothing would change if I still loved it more than God. We can not serve two masters at the same time…

START your 40 days TODAY

    Don’t put it off. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT OR MORE LIFE CHANGING THAN THIS. So the enemy would want you to procrastinate yourself out of this LIFE CHANGING event by distracting you. Resists worries about a specific format, a specific book, or a special date to start. There is no perfect time or way to do this. Start surrendering to God today.It’s easy, don’t make it more complicated than it should be.
    This journey is all about you and God. When I first started this journey with other ladies, I had them draw up a checklist of certain things “to do” during their 40 days, however through the years I recognized that it just put more pressure on women to “perform”. I don’t want you to perform at all during these 40 days, but I want to ask you to STOP, WAIT, and LISTEN in God’s presence. The crucial element of OBEDIENCE will follow as you start to know and trust God more. Spending time with God to hear Him talk to you about what’s going on in your heart is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do during these 40 days. If you only fall in love with Jesus during this time, then you are on the road to victory.
    Meet with God as early as you can every day. Use worship music to soften your heart before God, and have your journal and Bible ready. You can also use a Bible study or a book that is already geared towards a 40 day journey or that can give you daily guidance (see list below). Read week 2 of my program again if you’re unsure what I mean when I refer to surrender.
    Remember, the material is not the most important thing. Meeting with God TODAY for the next 40 days, regardless of the format, is the most important issue here. IN HIS PRESENCE WE ARE CHANGED! Don’t try to do it perfectly, don’t get discouraged if you skip a day, remember MEETING WITH GOD is the objective, not doing anything perfectly.
    Phone a few friends whom you know will truly pray with you and for you, and ask them to pray for you as you embark on 40 days of surrendering your life to God. Tell them that TIME WITH GOD EVERY DAY is your main objective.
    It makes the world of a difference to keep a journal of your journey. Putting your thoughts on paper actually exposes the lies of the enemy, and just seeing your own progress is a huge encouragement. You will be amazed to see, even after one week, how far you have come. Just let it flow, open your heart wide to the Lover of your soul, the One who knows everything about you, your Abba Father. Give Him access to your life so He can bring healing.”

Click here for books and Bible studies that can help, but don’t let it be your main focus, rather read one verse from the Bible and spend 10 minutes in God’s presence than procrastinating over the right study.

I plan on taking up the challenge once again. I am going to use one of my old devotionals and make time to sit down with Jesus for a few minutes every morning before my family wakes up.

How about you?

Your sister in Christ