A Letter to my Little Girl

A friend, Sandy,  had a great idea for a bunch of us “bloggers” to write about proper body image and Godly motivation for fitness. Thanks Sandy!
She was going to write a letter to her daughter and I so wanted to do the same for Christie. Maybe you want to join in and write your own post or letter to your daughter or grand daughter.

Please go check out this amazing video about this topic on Sarah’s blog at All pain-No gain. It had me in tears!


My sweet little Christie girl

You’re only three years old but I so want to write you this letter in the hope that you will one day read it.

Being a Mom to you and your three amazing brothers is truly the greatest joy in all my life!

I can still not believe that I now also have a little girl! I so want to protect you from everything. When I see you sleep with your little hand tucked under a rosy cheek and your brown curls spread all over your pink Dora pillow, I ache with love for you.

I know that I won’t be able to protect you from all the lies and bad things in this world, but I hope to teach you a few truths along the way that will help.

There is one thing I’ve told your brothers countless times, and I hope to tell you many times too through out your life: Nothing in life compares with loving God.
Seriously, whether things are going great in your life or you are going through a really difficult season, loving God is all that truly matters and truly lasts!

My sweet baby girl, as a woman you have many challenges and joys ahead of you:IMGP0760_141x188

One day you might find yourself wondering why you have brown hair, green eyes and a certain body shape. One day you might look around you and realize that you are different from others. Right now you don’t even notice it, but one day you might recognize different skin color, body shapes, hair texture, and find “flaws” in yourself as you start to compare yourself with those around you.

When that day comes I want you to know that you are standing before a very important choice: Will you believe God’s truth about you or will you settle for the enemy’s lies?

I am begging you, my sweet darling girl, to believe the truth!


There will never be anyone like you, EVER AGAIN, you are amazing and totally unique in every way!

You were given your set of features; hair color, body shape, eye color and facial features BY GOD, FOR A SPECIFIC  REASON AND PURPOSE!

Your bone structure and genetic makeup will determine your perfect weight, and being skinny has NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY!

Obsessing about weight can make you weigh less or more than what God has intended for you, and it will steal your peace. But staying close to Him,  surrendering your way of eating to Him, and taking good care of your body will bring joy and peace to your life.

God made you to move girl! So find active things that you love and that you truly enjoy. Be yourself!

Take good care of your body, you will only get one in this lifetime. Feed it healthy food : Enjoy all the great flavors and colors of food that God created. Drink lots of water, rest enough, and LAUGH OUT LOUD AT LEAST ONCE A DAY!

Don’t waste time to try and please other people. There is one smile over your life that is truly important: The smile of God

Most of all: Know that God can truly satisfy you in a way that no relationship, no meal, no object and no human love ever can. So CHASE HARD AFTER GOD ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE!!

I pray that you will learn the truth about yourself early in your precious life, much earlier than your Mom did:)


IMGP0784_225x300In the end we don’t have to do one thing to make Him love us more, His love for you, my little princess is EVERLASTING and CAN NEVER FAIL.

You are His princess, perfect, created exactly in the way you should be…

I have no words to even begin to tell you how much I love you… SO MUCH!

Your Mamma

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  1. This touched my heart in a very special way and I so wish that I could write my daughter the same letter when she was little but
    thank God that He came to my resque and wrote this letter on her heart with His blood.

    I can see that my little girl grew up to be the pride and joy of heaven and I just need to say “Thank you Father that Your love drew her close to your heart. Thank you Jesus for your blood that was shed for her and thank you Holy Spirit that you guided her to become an instrument of love and harmony.”

    I love you and your little Christie girl with all of my heart and I love your boys just the same! You are the pride and joy of my heart

    Your Mommy Jeanette

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