I almost fell off the Treadmill!

ttttttI’ve seen it happen before my eyes: Someone falling off a treadmill. Some people might consider it quite entertaining, but not so much for the person involved. It can be downright scary, painful and very humiliating. I came close…

Now I can already hear some of you commenting that it serves me right for not walking out in nature, playing a decent sport, or doing a step class. However, in my defense, since I’ve become a “treadmill girl” I have actually been much more consistent at exercise. I found that I can endure a lot of pain (muscle pain that is) if I am distracted. So I’ve made this my time to read some fun stuff. No educational or heavy stuff, but rather magazines and light reading. It keeps my mind busy and off the pain and more importantly off the self pity that usually accompanies it:)

Now I know walking on a treadmill at 6am in the morning sounds downright boring and dreadful, but let me tell you, the “treadmill community” has it perks. Some people are quite entertaining. There’s this one guy that has to be a Christian, because he goes into his own world at the gym. I kid thee not, eyes closed and pretty demonstrative with arms waving and everything.

Now to get back to me and the treadmill. I have seen people lose their footing due to ipods, water bottles and towels. If you drop one of those you hardly have time to pull the cord and make the thing stop. Once that object hits the belt and comes under your feet, you’re going down baby! The best part is the people’s reactions afterward. I’m sure in some cases it can be serious, but fortunately I’ve never witnessed a 911 situation. Most of the people I saw would immediately jump back up and carry on running like nothing ever happened! What’s that all about? A few others would grab their stuff, head for the closest exit and not show up for a few days.  As for the spectators, we would snicker in silence but avoid eye contact with the victim at all cost.

So after witnessing all this I was not going to be caught off guard. I have a plan to always place my stuff where they can not fall down, and I don’t listen to an ipod (due to sensitive ears not age okay). One thing I didn’t consider, and I’m here to warn you all about; the little pieces of paper they stuff magazines with to encourage you to buy a subscription. One of those came tumbling out of my brand new magazine, and floated in midair for a minute while my heart skipped a beat, and then it landed, smack in the middle of my “runway” . I stumbled, I frantically grabbed the handle bars, lifting myself up to hang in the air like a regular acrobat, and then I realized that I had no free hand to pull the “stop-cord”. Panic made me twist my body in a way that I will never be able to copy and I got a hold of that little dangling rope with my one knee. The treadmill came to a halt not a second too soon, because my shaky legs was already back on the belt and moving backwards FAST.

Of course I wanted to be the one who laughed at myself and broke the awkwardness. But I just grabbed my things and walked as fast and dignified as I possible toward the exit. No one laughed, and no one made eye contact, but I’m sure I saw a few smiles out of the corner of my eye.

I’m glad to report that I only went in hiding for three days, and I now scan a magazine from cover to back before it becomes my exercise buddy.

On a more serious note:
God has an exercise for you. Find it girl! If you can exercise consistently many of the things surrounding your food addiction will become easier and start falling into place. Also, it might be a good way to incorporate worship and prayer into your life. I have had some good prayer sessions on the treadmill, or just walking outside. See it as an hour that you give to yourself every day, and make it count. Prayer is one of those things that we can do anywhere, and what better time than when you’re exercising. I need to sometimes do some warfare prayer to not quit exercising, and it has never failed to work!

Remember: The enemy wants to keep us from the things that can bring freedom to our lives. PRAYER and EXERCISE  are two of those things. Why not give him a double whammy by combining these two.

Too difficult? Ask God to help you do it. I still daily ask Him to help me resist all of the negative thoughts in my mind when it’s time to exercise.

Something interesting: Just this week I was reading a book about a 50 year old women who is a famous runner, and she says that it’s a well known fact in the world of running that the most difficult part of running is to get your shoes on and get out the door. So even the super fit people have to knock down the resistance every day. This made me feel a little better, but tomorrow morning I know I will have to cry out to God again to help me get out of bed and lace up those running shoes so that my day can be balanced and I can stay FREE!


Let me know if you have a testimony on exercise and please click here to read a testimony  by a friend from Kazakhstan

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  1. This is so funny Heleen. Thanks for making me laugh, it\’s just what I needed today. I actually fell off the treadmill once and it\’s just like you describe. I was so embarrassed but nobody even cared, they just carried on.
    Keep writing I love your stuff!

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