Kindness goes a long way…

I’m taking a break from all the craziness surrounding writing a book and recording a DVD. Who knew it’s so difficult to have 12 good-hair Tuesdays in a row!

So today I’m just taking a breather to reminisce and pay some tribute to a  very special someone in my life. The one in the humble spotlight of my little blog is my second son Terrance. He just graduated from high school last week, and I can hardly believe it! I know, I know… it’s a total lame “mom-cliche” but I’m honestly never quite prepared for the roller coaster ride that me and my four kiddos are on.

I love the name Terrance. Not only because it’s my husband’s middle name (and he’s a pretty cool guy) but also because of it’s meaning: Tender hearted. It’s such a sweet  meaning for such a strong name, and that is exactly what I can say about my Terrance. Never have you found a more tender hearted guy, coupled with a tenacious strong spirit.

He is always fighting for the underdog, finding something good to say about the least popular person, and of course, defending his Dad in arguments where the guy is obviously unfairly matched (with me that is:). In the thirteen years that we’ve been in the US we were only able to go back to visit family and friends in South Africa once, now seven years ago. It was (of course) Terrance who cried on our plane ride back about every single person and animal that we had to say good-bye to. It just melts my heart to see him treat all people (especially the most vulnerable human beings among us) with such tender care and compassion.

I know when he reads this he will be embarrassed and accuse me of making him out to be a total wimp, but that would be the furthest thing from the truth.  God has placed in this tender hearted young man a spirit of steel. He knows what He wants and where he wants to go. He took up the guitar only a  few years ago, and started practicing from dusk till dawn. He simply didn’t stop until it became a vessel of both corporate and personal worship in his life.  I’m so excited to see where God will be taking him…

What I see in Terrance is what I desire for myself. It’s something very attainable, and something I know he allows to grow in Him by abiding in God’s presence:
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, self-control
(Galatians 5:21-23)

This Mom is so very proud and so very grateful to God for undeserved blessings…

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