Sad Valentine (:

With just a day to spare until Valentine’s day, I find myself in tears. Now some would call these tears of self-pity, but I just call it “real woman tears”

You don’t have to live long as a a woman on this planet of ours to have your heart shattered into tiny pieces, and Valentines day sure gives ample opportunity for just such a heartbreak.

Of course not everybody is a Sad Valentine. There certainly are those “young and in love” who have only tasted the sweet side of love. They make us drool and think of our own first love. Others have discovered new romance in their marriage after many dry years, and we wish them the best from the bottom of our hearts. And then of course there are the few fortunate women, the ones we don’t speak of, who married incurable romantics. This rare species of men embrace Valentine’s day (and their wives) with everything they have (gasp).

I belong to the group that has been married for a while, and sadly wised-up to the fact that romance takes some work. On Valentines day some extra work will pay of: A hint here, a reservation there and a grateful heart for even the smallest token of affection will do the trick. So, through the years I’ve had many happy Valentine’s days because of an extra effort, but also my share of ones where I’m overwhelmed with self-pity (okay I’ve said it).

So, today is one of those above mentioned days where I just have this yearning to be swept off my feet on a white horse and carried away to a “castle of romance”. Off course all the adds on TV and stores filled with tokens of “love” are not helping! It’s not that my man has never shown any sign of romance. He was actually very romantic when we were dating: I know, I know, aren’t they all? There was also this one time when dearest hubby forgot all about Valentine’s day (despite all the hinting and reminding the kids to remind Dad:) He was in the dog box, to say the least. A few weeks after, I received a big bouquets of flowers delivered to my doorstep. The card said “Happy Roger’s day”. He explained that he made up his own special day to show this St Valentine a thing or two. Now that was pretty romantic (and practical seeing that he saved a bunch of money), so I know there’s hope…

However, usually during one of my pity parties, just before I totally give in to despair, I am reminded of others who think that I’m the lucky one. I have so many family members and dear friends who lost the one they love, and for them Valentine’s day can be excruciating. Some are married like me, but it’s never easy: They pretend to be callous, but are deeply wounded by husbands who hate all the hype around dates that are important to a woman’s heart. They go on and on about the waste of money, the pressure etc, etc. My heart aches for all these loved ones of mine, and I am grateful again that I have someone who really loves me for who I am. I don’t know what the future holds and if I will still be this lucky next year.

There is one thing we do know for sure: God loves us! He says that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He assures us in His Word that nothing will ever separate us from His love. I am not suggesting that we don’t need someone “with some skin on” in our lives. I’m merely suggesting that we can go to Him, as I did this morning, with tears of sorrow, loneliness, rejection or a broken heart. He will mend it, and something else will happen: If we keep coming to Him with our deepest darkest secrets, a new relationship is forged: A relationship that can never be taken from us, and that will only cause love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

Would you be His Valentine? He’s eagerly looking, and waiting for you and me to accept His tokens of love…
And lets not forget that He has good things in mind for us: We can keep waiting for that miracle of blooming romance in our marriages, keep praying for that special someone to come into our lives, and keep believing that love might be waiting around the next corner when we least expect it…

Happy Valentine’s Day



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