The Love of a Mom…

I am so fortunate to still have my Mom in my life. Yesterday, on Mother’s day my Mom visited and as we sat down for brunch, made by the men (well part of it at least), she looked at me and started showering me with praise. She commented on my life, my website, my hair, and my looks (jeans and t-shirt:) among other things.

I pretended to be embarrassed for company’s sake, but I was really basking in the warmth of true acceptance and encouragement. We all need that. I see how my children yearn for those words of praise and blessing. Life hits us hard, and at times it robs us of all our confidence and ability to see ourselves through God’s eyes, and that is where mothers come in…

I know you’ve heard many versions of this before but, like my fellow authors, I am convinced that God created mothers to be His helpers on this earth in a special kind of way. Of course a mother is biased when she tells the world that her child is the smartest, most beautiful or most talented kid on the planet, but it’s okay! Every child deserves to be the best somewhere and sometimes. In fact every child deserves the unconditional love of a mother.

My mom reminded me of that yesterday with her loving example. She reminded me that it’s okay to brag with your kids every now and then, especially to their grandma and especially when the particular child is present. It makes them grow just a little bit taller, smile a little bit wider and put a bounce in their step when they walk away with a “Oh stop Mom!” I have been loved, hugged, encouraged and praised by my Mom throughout my life. Sure there were times when we hurt each other, fought, cried, and had to work through things, but mostly there was a lot of love, and it kept me going all these years.

I know for sure that I saddled my kids with their own issues, whether I meant to or not. However, I hope that the love I showed them will weigh more. I pray that it will also be enough to take them the distance as it did in my life.

I am so reminded today of orphans and the incredible hearts of women who open up their homes for these precious children so they too can experience the love, hugs and praise of a Mom. You are the Mighty Moms among us. May God bless you and may His face shine especially upon you!

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  1. As a mother I am spoiled by God with a sunshine girl who has a little sunshine girl. I bathed and found healing in the warmth of their smiles and huggs and the “I made this for you Grandma” on Mothersday! How easy is it to love them and brag with them and to be honest when I do so! I love you and thank God for you my daughter and for the precious grandchildren you raise with so much grace!

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