Woman in a man’s world?!

My husband is convinced that he cloned me!

He created another man (just like him) that likes to work on the computer till the crack of dawn, doesn’t need to talk about every little thing, has a skin as thick as a crocodile, and loves to see Jack Bauer on 24 send his enemies off to a not so happy place.

Actually, not so much… I might act as if I like all of that, and I might have migrated toward more work and less play, but in my heart I’m still a girly girl. Sometimes I have to put a piece of scotch tape over my lips to keep all the things in my head from spilling over. After almost two decades of marriage, hubby is still surprised that we can be sitting at our computers, in deep thought and intense concentration, and I would start talking about some long lost cousin of mine. Most of the time he will just stare at me with “What in the world?” written all over his face. Other times he has this puzzled look that speaks of utter disbelief when the boys tell him that I spent a whole day, curled up on my favorite couch, wrapped in my favorite blanket, living and crying through 6 straight hours of Pride and Prejudice.

However, I like to keep the illusion alive: Hey, a happy husband, especially in this economy, is not a small thing. So I live my secret life: I talk to my Mom on the phone for hours, I eat chocolate and watch chick flicks, and I laugh with my girl friends about things no man could ever understand…

Salute! To all the women in the world of men who share my secret…

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