Your words can change a Life!

IMGP0766_250x188I can not my believe my little girl turned 3 last week! Her brother will be 10 this week, and I can still clearly remember when he was only 3 with the little chubby arms and legs! I attached a picture of the two little rascals:)

While icing some pink cupcakes on Christie’s birthday, I was again reminded of how far God has brought me. Here I was planning her party with, yes cake, but also hummus, wheat thins, carrots, celery and home made pizza (with healthy toppings)

Don’t think for one minute that I’m priding myself in all of this! I still have too many parties from my past that haunts me. I am seriously trying to do a better job with my two younger children, but I’m afraid their brothers have had a total different life. They observed the roller coaster ride of my eating disorder for a big part of their lives. Fortunately they don’t have any visible signs of food issues, but I’m always praying and talking to them about it.

I still have to stand against the enemy’s voice of accusation some days . He likes to tell me that I have failed when it comes to my older children, and that never mind how I’ve changed I will never make up for the past. The truth: There is no more condemnation for me (or you)! God loves my kids and He will use even my brokenness and the scars it might have left in their lives for His glory. I will keep praying and believing for that…

Now, I totally got off track here, but maybe some of you amazing mothers out there needed to be reminded of this. What I really wanted to get to was and incident that happened a few weeks back in the nursery, and that I thought of today while battling with some “after-birthday-tantrums”…

A few weeks back I was working in the nursery with a very adequate young mother. She has an amazing ability to just quiet the little 2 year olds down. They actually come and sit all around her and listen to her in amazement. I was amazed too. I also teach in that class once a month, and I’m telling you, I come away every time sweating and utterly exhausted.

Somehow I just can’t get them to calm down, at least not for more than two minutes. I bring in puppet shows and all kinds of gimmicks, but they stay restless and keep running around. When I finally round-up the little cuties, they don’t look interested in what I have to say at all, and sure enough minutes later they are running off to bigger and better things.

I was staring at this young mother in astonishment. She has only one child! I am supposed to be the expert after raising 4 munchkins. She was just sitting down with a Bible story book and all thirteen two-year-olds were hanging on her every word! I felt, to say the least, inadequate and inferior.

I caught myself glaring at the poor young mother, not on purpose, but due to all the puzzling thoughts in my mind. At this point the Holy Spirit was kind enough to shake me out of my pity-party, and I just blurted it out “You are simply wonderful with these kids. I can not believe how you do it. They are NEVER this good for me. Seriously, I can learn so much from you!”

I totally meant it, and she was so truly grateful for my words of encouragement that I could not believe that I didn’t tell her before. Now, I am in no way indicating that my words changed her life, but I know I made her smile!

Do you need some words of encouragement in your life today? Actually we all need it desperately. Life is hard and sometimes our gifts and hard work go unnoticed by others. Sometimes it’s due to the fact that they are so occupied with their own lives, and other times they might feel inferior or even envious (as I did for a few minutes)

Whatever you’re feeling next time you see somebody do something amazing, especially if it’s for the glory of God, tell them! Keep telling as many people as you can and sow some of the love and light of God in other peoples lives.

Yes, negative words can cut deep and hurt for a long time, but encouraging words are like balm on our broken hearts, guarding us from the harsh winters of life. Go ahead, give someone a compliment, and put a smile on their face. The best part, it will bless you too, and I can bet you that your heavenly Father will be smiling as well.

And then maybe, one day, when you least expect it… at sweet word of encouragement will come your way…

Actually you’re already doing it. By reading this post you are blessing and honoring me and bringing joy to my heart:) Thanks for tuning in to my blog, I am so blessed…

Love, Heleen

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