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August 2010 - Heleen's Blog

ONE “SOBER” DAY can turn things around

Are you tired of people telling you to “take it one day at a time”? The truth is undeniable: TODAY IS ALL  YOU HAVE! TODAY WILL SHAPE YOUR TOMORROW AND AS A RESULT, YOUR FUTURE. But let’s face it, dealing with TODAY is not easy. It’s easier to spend today planning and shopping for that “perfect plan” or “perfect diet” than to actually CHANGE TODAY. So that said, let me get to the more important matter of “HOW ??????? How do you change TODAY?“ Let’s first of all look at your today… Are you thinking about how and where you can get your hands on diet pills (even some “natural” pills? Are you desperately looking online for a new diet that actually WORKS? Are you watching hours of TV while crying and eating at the same time to just not think about this anymore? Are you wondering again if God cares and if you’ll ever be free? Are you binging and hiding in your house again, afraid that people will see how much weight you’ve gained? Are you finding yourself in a cycle of binging, purging, and hating yourself again? Are you afraid to write on the forum or email me because you feel like you’ve failed me and yourself again? LET ME SHOUT THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! There are so many ladies from around the world, some of them living around you, that feel exactly the same. Some of the brave ones write to me or on the forum, but most of them are hiding, too ashamed to show their faces, let alone live their lives. But don’t give up yet, there are also many ladies living around you who have had ONE SOBER DAY! These girls are coming out of hiding. Even after one day, they feel …

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