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November 2010 - Heleen's Blog

Faith Can Move Mountains!

This week I received another amazing testimony. I asked if I could share it on here because it boost my faith in a huge way! Heleen, I have written you in the past of my horrible struggles with my food addiction and would love to share with you my story of how I am 100% healed. No longer addicted to food. And its not just that I’ve stayed away from eating my trigger foods. I am a normal eater now. Through the power of prayer and God, I was healed six months ago. I’ve spoken about it in my OA meetings but because everyone is stuck on believing that food addiction is a disease they will have their entire life, they hardly heard a thing I said. I am now able to eat flour, sugar, fats, anything without feeling a need to binge or even give a second thought to food. Its amazing! Truly a miracle. With God ALL things are possible. -Natalie WARNING: Please don’t get discouraged if you have only been finding freedom from food addiction by staying away from trigger foods, seeing a counselor, a doctor, or attending a group. God USES ALL OF THOSE things (and people) in the lives of those who love Him and seek Him first. However, I’ve been challenged by Natalie’s letter to ask myself if I still believe that God can set me TOTALLY FREE – NO MORE STRUGGLES! I have accepted that I might have to keep an eye on my eating and pray for self-control for the rest of my life, but did I maybe in the process give up on the dream of running 100% free from this struggle? (like some of my friends are) So now I’m asking you my friend: How’s your faith level these days? Do you remember …

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