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April 2011 - Heleen's Blog

Why is it so hard to OBEY and SHOW-UP?

I wrote a post  a few months back titled ONE difference between the FREE and the CAPTIVE In that post I answered a question that many of you have been asking me: Why do some women break free and others don’t? Why can a group of women go through my program, or through 21 days of detox on the forum and some are victorious while others just can’t seem to make it. The short answer to this: Some women OBEY and SHOW-UP while others DON’T. Those who live in victory over their food struggle OBEY GOD: THEY SHOW UP DAILY IN GOD’S PRESENCE…  THEY SHOW UP AT WEIGHT WATCHERS OR OTHER HEALTHY FOOD PLANS… THEY SHOW UP AT CHURCH… THEY SHOW UP FOR COUNSELING…THEY SHOW UP AT BIBLE STUDY … etc SO LETS TALK A MINUTE ABOUT THE NEXT OBVIOUS QUESTION: HOW DO I OBEY? What if I want to obey, but instead find myself back on the couch, eating ice cream, and watching TV every day? I wrote a lot about this in my program, but I was reminded of this fact again last night while attending a Bible study with some girl friends. LOVE motivates OBEDIENCE and PERSEVERANCE One important fact though: Only TRUE love will motivate obedience. So if we find it very difficult to obey God, we might need to take a second look at how much we love Him. In her well-known Bible study “Breaking Free” Beth Moore asks us to answer the next few questions to determine if we’re really in love with God: IDENTIFYING TRUE LOVE: Does God regularly circulate into my thoughts? (Ps 63:6) Am I often drawn to spend time with Him?  (Ps 27:4) Does my life demonstrate a love for God? (Rom 5:8) Do I often enjoy God? (Ps 16:11) Do I ultimately …

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