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I almost fell off the Treadmill!

I’ve seen it happen before my eyes: Someone falling off a treadmill. Some people might consider it quite entertaining, but not so much for the person involved. It can be downright scary, painful and very humiliating. I came close… Now I can already hear some of you commenting that it serves me right for not walking out in nature, playing a decent sport, or doing a step class. However, in my defense, since I’ve become a “treadmill girl” I have actually been much more consistent at exercise. I found that I can endure a lot of pain (muscle pain that is) if I am distracted. So I’ve made this my time to read some fun stuff. No educational or heavy stuff, but rather magazines and light reading. It keeps my mind busy and off the pain and more importantly off the self pity that usually accompanies it:) Now I know walking on a treadmill at 6am in the morning sounds downright boring and dreadful, but let me tell you, the “treadmill community” has it perks. Some people are quite entertaining. There’s this one guy that has to be a Christian, because he goes into his own world at the gym. I kid thee not, eyes closed and pretty demonstrative with arms waving and everything. Now to get back to me and the treadmill. I have seen people lose their footing due to ipods, water bottles and towels. If you drop one of those you hardly have time to pull the cord and make the thing stop. Once that object hits the belt and comes under your feet, you’re going down baby! The best part is the people’s reactions afterward. I’m sure in some cases it can be serious, but fortunately I’ve never witnessed a 911 situation. Most of the people I saw would …

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The Case of the Missing Adventure Gene!

I read about this lady who claims to have no “adventure gene” and I laughed so loud! Oh my goodness, she was talking about me! I’ve tucked this little secret away, hidden from the eyes of my friends who are adrenaline junkies and nature lovers, but I think it’s time for me to come clean on this one… I really wished that I liked all the adventurous things in life, but seriously, I don’t! Not that I didn’t try. When the pressure is on and you have to impress one will act like you are a regular dare devil, but seriously though, I’m not! So I’ve gone snowboarding! Ugh! I tried windsurfing! Oh boy! I even ventured out on a motorcycle (as a passenger of course) and cruised the mountain passes at 200km/h (not miles!) Let’s just say that I was young, in love, and seriously desperate to impress. There were the times when I stayed at the beach for a whole day, almost killed myself on a surf board, burnt my very pale skin to a crisp and suffered for many, many moons. Yeah, you know it, I did not like it! I even went on big, scary roller coasters and pretended to have fun, but where, I beg you, is the fun in almost having a heart attack! Did I mention that I’ve tried camping, with the mosquito bites, the dirt everywhere, the scary sounds, the zero bathrooms and the lack of sleep. No offense to all you campers out there, but it’s a nightmare! People have been trying to convince me of the existence of this “adventure gene” in me since I was a kid. I remember vacations in the Kalahari dessert, going up and down sand dunes in a jeep without any regard for my motions sickness! I wouldn’t …

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High Tea at the Heathman!

A few weeks ago I was invited to some serious girl time: A tea party! Not the kind I have with my little girl in the back yard, nor the kind I try my best to “recreate” when I have a few ladies over. No, I’m talking about the real thing: High Tea at the the Heathman! Now before you suspect that I am a privileged lady who spend countless afternoons with fine china and little crumpets, let me tell it as it is: I have never been to the Heathman or any other “high” tea for that matter. Sure we’ve had tea parties in my home country in lovely tea gardens, and my grandma and I used to go to a tea shop for tea and scones. However, having high tea at a prestigious hotel was some mysterious experience I’ve only heard of. The fun started as soon as a dear friend extended a generous invitation to me. I accepted eagerly, but the minute I put the phone down my roller coaster ride began. One day I would be all excited and the next day I would wonder what in the world I was going to wear, if my purse that survived four children would do, and if the nail polish that’s been sitting in my closet for two years was still any good. So a few days ago the big day came and I end up wearing my trusted black pants and a blouse with a hint of the “girly-girl” hidden deep inside me. I actually went out and bought myself a new purse: I still miss my old one, I can not find my keys or cell phone for the life of me! As for the homemade manicure, yeah, that never happened. Great was my relief to find my friends …

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